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Introducing AromEFFEX™ Fragrances


To say that the past few years have been a challenge is an understatement. Global and local events have us feeling stressed and a bit drained – and self-care has become a global priority.

This extended mayhem has created consumer demand for products that can counterbalance negative feelings & emotions and boost mood – and one of the key solutions people are turning to is fragrance!

Did you know that our olfactive nerve, which manages our sense of smell, is directly linked to the part of the brain that triggers memories &  emotions – and 75% of emotions are triggered by a specific smell?

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Discover the captivating world of AromEffex™ Fragrances

We are thrilled to introduce our NEW innovation, AromEffex Fragrances -- Functional Fragrance Collections that combine beautiful scents with well-being properties.


The scents in each AromEffex Collection feature our fragrance technology that is an Industry First – an FCF proprietary complex of natural, solution-oriented ingredients known to achieve a specific effect on mood -- built directly into the fragrance oil! Each scent is also designed with beautiful Essential Oils & Scent Accords.


  • The calmEffex Collection - Creates a relaxing & soothing atmosphere for a calming effect on mood.
  • The energyEffex Collection - Creates a stimulating atmosphere for an uplifted & energized mood.
  • The SleepScripts Collection - Helps create a soothing environment to promote a good night’s rest.
  • The clearEffex Collection – Creates an uplifting atmosphere to encourage alertness.
  • The scent-ualEffex Collection - Creates a magnetic atmosphere to encourage an amorous mood.
  • The calmEffex PET Collection – Creates an atmosphere to calm and soothe pets.
FCF AromEffex Fragrance Collections are designed to both transform your mood and smell amazing. They are beautiful, multi-use scents that deliver sensorial enjoyment, mood stimulation and an overall sense of well-being.

Let’s partner on your next project. Contact us for more information on how our innovative new AromEffex technology can amplify your brand.